Gym Mistakes

Gym Mistakes

— In the gym, you shouldn’t distract a person from performing workout exercise.
It doesn’t allow this person to concentrate and can lead to an injury. Distraction includes a lot of actions. Quite often beginners simply don’t understand bodybuilding behaviour rules: they can stay in front of a person performing an exercise screening his field of vision and making him nervous. A weightlifter, whom I now, is not able to do a set if somebody had stepped over his barbell before it. Well, my general advice is the following: treat other people the way you’d wanted them to treat you.

— You shouldn’t forget about hygiene.
Training in one and the same t-shirt soaked with your sweat is definitely not a good idea. Sure, it can assist decreasing the quantity of people around you but it will be also more difficult to find yourself a spotter. Change your clothes regularly and use a bench towel if you sweat a lot. No one will be happy to ‘swim’ in the puddle you left behind.

— You shouldn’t be rude with other people in the gym.
If somebody is asking when you are going to leave the station you are training on, you should either give this person the particular number of sets you still need to perform or propose to do exercises in turn. Afterwards it’ll be easier for you to ask this person about anything including the situation when you need to train on the same station.

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