Almond Butter Vanilla Protein Cookie When it comes to cookies, one is never enough! Luckily, if you make our Almond Butter Vanilla Protein Cookie recipe, indulging a little won’t be a problem. These nutrient-packed cookies are filled with flavor and are guilt free. Ingredients: 1 tbsp water 1 egg 1[…]

Almond Butter Vanilla Protein Cookie

Pre Workout Protein Pancake Looks like a pancake right? It is a pre workout pancake. The best time to consume this is before a workout, when you need the carbohydrates and fuel for a workout. See, we can still enjoy the foods we love without compromising taste. Ingredients: 1/2 cup[…]

Pre Workout Protein Pancake

PROTEIN IS KING COMBINE SOLID FOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS Use supplements in combination with solid meals to ensure that you are getting your daily macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates, fat) quota. In general this represents 5-6 small meals and 2-3 shakes. Put small amounts of food in your body every 3 hours. Protein[…]


IMPORTANCE OF SOLID FOOD “Nutrition is as important as training”, Building muscle demands great efforts both in the gym and in the kitchen and meal table as proper nutrition will account for your bodybuilding success or lack thereof. Always think of the bicycle analogy. The two wheels of a bicycle[…]


DARK CHOCOLATE has been shown by numerous scientific studies to confer cardiovascular health benefits. Regular consumption of DARK CHOCOLATE reduces the risk of cardiovascular complications because it is rich in beneficial compounds called Flavonoids. Now, it doesnot mean that you rush to eat your chocolate bars. You must distinguish between[…]


Carbohydrates are very important for energy to fuel workouts. Muscle contractions in a weight training workout uses stored muscle carbohydrate called glycogen. Excess carbohydrates will lead to excess inches on the waistline. However, people with fast metabolism whose goal is weight gain can “overindulge” in the right carbohydrates. That is[…]


NUTRITION INFLUENCES YOUR PROGRESS When it comes to building muscle, resistance training is essential to create unaccustomed stresses for the muscle. This triggers signals in the muscle cells to repair itself and get stronger in anticipation of the next bout of exercise. The process of repairing and rebuilding after a[…]