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Brian Heykok shows how to apply the Strategic decondition (SD) for the strength training. He proposes the following schedule for HST:
One 8-week macrocycle
– Microcycle 1: Light weights, two weeks of 15 reps per set.
– Microcycle 2: Medium weights (20%), two weeks of 10 reps per set.
– Microcycle 3: Heavy weights (20%), four weeks of 5 repetitions per set (with additional variations for the last 2 weeks).
– Strategic decondition for 9-day break
Brian Heykok gives an example of determining the weights in the micro-and macrocycles: How to determine the weight
In each macrocycle reduce time, intensity or speed of doing the exercises compared with the previous macrocycle.
Target weight for each microcycle is the weight of the last day of the microcycle.
First, determine the target weights for the first microcycle. This is the weight you can lift 15 times, but not 16 times. Let`s say, 20 pounds (10 kg). All other weights can be calculated.
Weight in the first day of each microcycle should be approximately 15% less than the target weight in the last day. For example, 17.5 pounds (8.5 kg).
Every day, the weight should be increased by about 2% for the 2-week microcycle and 1% for the 4-week microcycle.
Weight should be increased in an amount sufficient to achieve the target weight for the previous day. Within two weeks, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week, let`s say, 17.5, 18.0, 18.5, 19.0, 19.5, 20 pounds.
Moving from light to medium weights, add 20% to the target weight (in the last day -24 pounds). Subtract 15% to get the weight during the first day, about 5%. Let`s say, 24 pounds minus 15% = 21 pounds.
Do the same thing, moving from medium to heavy weights. For example, in the last day – 29 pounds, 25 pounds – in the first day.
Start the first day from the following macrocycle with 65%  of weight of the previous macrocycle. Lety`s say 65% of 29 pounds = 19 pounds. This gives about a 10% increase in weight for each macrocycle.
Weights will be too heavy, because no one can increase strength by 10% every two months. When the weights become too heavy, reduce them by 5% and keep going. If still too hard, reduce by 5%.
It is a science, but it is not so precise as rocketbuilding. We are not talking about any advance predicted results are not talking. We’re going by touch. We adapt as moving forward to feel what is talking our body.
As for me, I find four weeks with heavy weights too stressful. To reduce stress, I use microcycles 2 weeks for lighter weights, 3 weeks for medium weights and 3 weeks for heavy weights. Make experiments to find what works best for you.

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