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This article deals with how and what to eat before and after the workout in the morning, before the sleep, etc.
So, start with a simple and basic – what everyone should know the athlete who wants to make a quality muscle mass without an excess of fat and water:
1. In the morning, with the first meal should be the breakfast containing more carbohydrates (both simple and complex), and a number of easy digestible protein (eg. egg white).

What’s in it:
– in the 70s it was proved by the science that the prerogative in the morning, the physiological function of the body is the storage of carbohydrates as glycogen in the so-called glycogen stores, in other words it is the energy deposited by the body, and, if necessary, during the physical activity it is consumed at once in the form of glycogen through its hydrolysis into the carbohydrates. Besides taking a carbohydrate meal in the morning, we will raise the level of insulin in the blood, in such case we will reduce the catabolism in many times (the process of destruction of muscle cells) as in the morning a level of cortisol (a hormone responsible for catabolism) more active than at any other time of day. Taking the easily digestible protein, in its turn, will give a rapid influx of amino acids in the muscles, that is especially important for running a metabolic flywheel in the morning. In practice, it looks like this: 150-200 gr. boiled porridge, plus 2-3 teaspoons of honey and 2-3 boiled eggs, one-whole and two whites (without the yolks).
2. The last meal should be protein only, and is particularly important that these proteins have a slow action.

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What’s in it:
– this meal will give slow and gradual influx of amino acids into the muscles, to provide a gradual supply of amino acids into the muscles when you are going to sleep, and what is still very important – the digestion of complex proteins requires the release of large amounts of energy during sleep, and it  (the energy), in its turn, with shortages will be brought from the adipose tissue, in other words, we will provide our muscles with the building blocks and accelerate the process of burning fat while you sleep. As a source of slow protein is better to take: low fat cottage cheese and casein protein their complete hydrolysis in the body is 4.5-6.5 hours.
In practice, it looks like this: 1 – 1.5 hours before a sleep you should eat 150-250 grams. of the  fat-free yogurt or drink a protein (casein) shake, plus one pill of vitamin “C” 500 mg.
Now we will discuss what and how you should eat before and after the workout.
And so, about the food which should be preceded by the workout, here is pretty simple: the food which you will have before a workout should be easy, in no case do not load up the blade as well as during the workout you do not get anything except discomfort, and besides, most of the blood with full stomach is just in the abdominal cavity, but not in the muscles, it means that you can not wait for the pumping and muscles will have a shortage of nutrients and oxygen.You should eat at least 1.5 hours before the workout and it is even 2 hours before (more reliable).
Here’s what you need to take after a workout, now we have a whole science in which we try to find out everything.
The first thing you need to learn is that after a workout, the body should compensate the energy costs which has been expended during the workout, and the second – you need as quickly as possible to raise the level of insulin in the blood, to reduce the catabolic processes. These are two main tasks to make your muscles grow, moreover, after the workout meal is the direct source of nutrients that will in 100%  go directly into the muscle when the protein-carbohydrate window is open.
In practice, it looks like this: going to the gym you should make a protein-carbohydrate drink and take it with you to the gym, and after the workout to take at once a cocktail in the locker room.
Ingredients of the cocktail for an athlete weighing 80 kg. looks like this:
– 100 grams of carbohydrates.
– 30 grams of protein.
– 10 grams of creatine.
– 1 pill. Vitamin “C” 500 mg.
– 1 pill. Pancreatin (Mezim).
Recipe: 3-4 egg whites, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 banana, 10 gr. of creatine – to make a mix in 300 ml. milk. (1 pill of vitamin “C” 500 mg. And 1 pill of pancreatin to take as the pills, and then to drink a cocktail).

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After 45 min. after taking a cocktail  should be a full meal with more protein.

If you’ll follow all these rules, the result will not take long, lean mass, as well as the power rates will go up fast …

I wish you success in the new achievements …

by Roman Stefantchyshen (European Champion, Repeated Champion in  International Competition, Repeated Champion and record holder bench barbell lying in Ukraine, WPC (AWPC) – UPO)

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