More Ways to Hammer Your Biceps


Hammer curls are often performed standing with a neutral grip (like you would hold a hammer).  Sometimes alternating arms, sometimes both arms at the same time, but almost always with atrocious form.  This standard hammer curl, often mis performed is just but one of many ways to take advantage of the hammer style curling motion.  Lets take a deeper look into hammer curls.

What are the benefits of the neutral ( Hammer Style) position of the hand and wrist? )

The neutral grip will increase the recruitment of the other elbow flexors like the brachialis and brachioradialis.  These muscles can add great size to your arms as well as increase the peak of your biceps (brachialis).

How to Vary Your Hammer Curls

  • Changing the angle of the upper arm in relationship to the body
  • Changing the angle of the resistance in relationship to the upper arm using a scott bench or laying prone on an incline bench
  • Change the strength curve by modifying the dumbbell position or using plate mates.
  • Change the grip shape or girth by using thick dumbbells, Fat Gripz, Tyler Grips, Grip Force, or Grips Fear.

by Kassem Hanson

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