South African Classic Bodybuilding  Champion and  International competitor, Joe Manjoo gives us some tips on building the X-Frame
A note on Joe Manjoo, classic champion of South Africa:
From Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal Joe shows a perfect example of a physique built on old-school principles which is thriving in the modern bodybuilding scene, holding its own against much larger competitors in a sport ruled by size. In history we find strength and very often to move ahead we need to look back at the past. Many of the best futuristic inventions are plagiarised from past ideas. Many of the great modern training techniques were already in existence decades ago. In this regard, Joe is a follower of the principles of the late Iron Guru Vince Gironda, the one who trained Larry Scott, Don Howorth and also the one who gave a young overconfident Arnold his 2-cents worth of truth and reality by saying : “You look like a fat f*&k to me”. Enjoy the tips of Joe about how to build that x-frame that will make you look 50lbs heavier by just adding 10 times less weight, minus the big waist.
Joe’s TIPS
“With regards to creating the illusion of size, I subscribe to Vince Girondas theories which have worked well for me. Some of them are keep the waist as small as possible, develop upper pecs, emphasise developing side delts and lats for width and a good quad sweep with development around knee area.” “I’ve built my physique based on Gironda principles. Even FST 7 of today is a plagiarised 8 sets of 8 from Gironda’s honest workout”
“These are the exercises that work best for me:”
UPPER PEC: collar to collar neck press
SIDE DELTS: Down the rack sets of side laterals
LATS: Gironda Style Pull Ups
QUAD SWEEP:  Always do Full Squats
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 by Vic Veeraj Goyaram (africanmuscle)

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