Bodybuilding for beginners


In this article are described the constituent elements of the sport routine … In order to violate the interpretation of fact, from what consists an athletic result, I would like first to draw your attention on the routine of an athlete, which includes proper  and systemic nutrition, restful sleep, time of workout, relaxation, etc. The result of sporting achievements in such sports as bodybuilding consists just from 75% of the routine in the first place who believes that the main “whale” on which is built the result is only a  training, he is deeply mistaken … It’s exactly the same when somebody should be considered that the yield of sunflower depends only from the soil in which it grows, then imagine the situation if the plant is planted in a good soil, but it was not given enough sun, water, etc, I think the result is obvious (the plant just will not grow), all this is happening with our body …

So move on to practical advice:

1. Daily diet should consist of 5-6 small meals a day (breakfast, second-breakfast, dinner, lunch, supper), with an interval of 2.5-3.5 hours,. Such a diet will allow you to keep the blood glucose levels at the secondary level, without abrupt changes of insulin which in its turn will increase the synthesis of level of growth hormone and will stabilize the gradual flow of the nutrients to the muscles;

2. Do not drink water during or after the meal, because it is bad for the digestion process of food, due to flushing of gastric juices that break down the food. Drink water between meals and during the workouts;

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3. In  the diet should be enough quantity of protein, and it is important that it should be full of “good quality”, to such sources is concered especially animal protein – chicken meat, beef meat, sea food, lamb, egg whites, nonfat cottage cheese, etc;

4. You should completely except from your life tobacco-smoking, and alcohol such as vodka, beer, brandy, etc., in exception, it is allowed the moderate usage of dry red wine (which is even preferably in an amount of 1-1.5 oz. per 1 kg of personal weight).

Time of  rest, sleep:

1. Sleep should have a duration of not less than 8 hours;

2. For lunch, if possible, you should rest 30-45 minutes., it is advisable to take a nap at this time;

Time of workouts:

Time of the workouts should be parallel, that means it’s not advisable to have one workout at 10.00 and the other have at 20.00 … Workouts should be at the same time, it is better if it would be after lunch or evening time, as there is the highest level of glucose in the blood in this phase of the day, that will further let us to spur the metabolism …

Wish you success in the athletic achievements …

by Roman Stefantchyshen (Repeated Champion in  International Competition, Gold medalist of the Proficiency Tournament bench barbell lying in 2007 … Repeated Champion and record holder in Ukraine)

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