Squats with weights. For or against?


If we leave alone powerlifters with their killing force results, but often with quite understated musculature, as a rule, those athletes who like to squat with heavy weights, have large thighs. We do not need many examples. Take a world champion Sergey Shelestov: Sergey is able to sit on the bench with a 400 kg barbell 2-3 times, and those of you who were lucky enough to see on TV  a professional tournament ” New Zealand Grand Prix”, you may have noticed that against the background of the Shelestovs` thighs even the great Ronnie Coleman legs looked so-so. However Shelestov has genetically all parts of the body: thighs, calves, buttocks, trapezoids, spinal erectors, abs. Of course, it’s even great for those who want to get the total mass. And if you have a specific problem with your thighs? In this case, it is likely you simply can not properly concentrate on them. Let’s say you have strong thighs, but a weak lower back, then what? And then you will not be able to keep a balance in the squat, though your thighs have not even really warmed up.
Let’s go further. Yes, squats build a mass of your thighs, but often due to performthe heavy squats, thighs become big, but rather shapeless. By the way, Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about this. Lovers to squat often possible have the thighs in the form of so-called “carrot” when all the muscles are going to the upper part of the thighs, under the buttocks, and below is an emptiness.
If there are not enough arguments for you against the squats, here’s another: this exercise increases the size of the gluteal muscles, generally, it is not so bad, but in addition, which is more sad,  leads to “spreading” waist. Yes, Arnold’s waist is not like a beer keg, but the Austrian Oak was playing with ridiculous by todays standards of weights 130 – 180 kg.

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    try running and also running up hills as this could help with ur thigh and it is also a great cirdio exercise ….